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How to Potty Train a Chinchilla?

How to Potty Train a Chinchilla

It surprises many people to learn that it is possible to potty train a chinchilla. To train them to urinate in a litter tray, you must start the training at a very young. Unfortunately, you cannot train them to defecate in a litter tray as their droppings do not have a strong odor with which you can use to train them. However, this does not necessarily matter as chinchillas often eat their own droppings to absorb extra nutrients and the droppings are easy to clean away because they are dry. Here is why you would want to potty train your chinchilla and a step-by-step guide for how to do this.

Why Should You Potty Train a Chinchilla?

The main reason for potty training a chinchilla is to encourage cleanliness in the cage. By getting the chinchilla to urinate in the same spot, it is easier to clean out the cage and this reduces any odor from the cage. It can also reduce the amount of bedding you need to replace and stop the chinchilla contaminating their food with their own urine.

Steps to Potty Training a Chinchilla

Step 1:

You should put the litter tray in a corner at the opposite end of the cage from the food and water. If there is already a spot in the cage where your chinchilla urinates, put the litter tray in the same spot.

Step 2:

When you chinchilla urinates on its bedding, scoop it up and put the soiled bedding into the litter tray. You should do this each time you see the chinchilla urinate.

Step 3:

Each week you should change the chinchilla’s bedding and clean out the litter tray but retain a small amount of wet bedding. Add clean litter to the litter tray along with the wet bedding and return the tray to the cage. The chinchilla will recognize the smell of their own urine and begin to urinate in the litter tray as they like to urinate in the same spot whenever possible.

Step 4:

Repeat this process until your chinchilla is regularly urinating in its litter tray. This process can take several months as it takes some chinchillas longer to learn how to do this than others. It is important to remember that not all chinchillas respond to potty training, so it is possible that your potty training efforts are in vain.

Bottom Line

Potty training a chinchilla is a simple process if you start when the chinchilla is young and you are patient enough to see the training process through to the end. By training your chinchilla to urinate in the litter tray, you can reduce the odor and it is easier to clean your chinchilla’s cage.

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