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15 Exclusive Gifts Ideas for Chinchilla Lovers & Owners

gifts for chinchilla lovers

If you have a friend or family member who owns a chinchilla or who is simply a big fan of these cute animals, then items with a chinchilla theme are perfect for them. There are many chinchilla-themed products available to buy that will suit various tastes. Here are 15 of the fantastic chinchilla gifts you can buy for chinchilla lovers.

1. Chinchillin’ T-Shirt

This T-shirt features a cute picture of a chinchilla wearing sunglasses with the phrase ‘Chinchillin’’. It is available in several color options, including navy, dark heather, gray, red, and brown. It is an equally suitable gift for either men or women.

2. Westlake Art Chinchilla Tote Bag

A chinchilla lover can enjoy being accompanied by a chinchilla every time they leave the house if you buy them this adorable tote bag featuring a photo of a chinchilla. This bag is made from 100 percent cotton and has strong handles suitable for carrying heavy shopping.

3. BABE MAPS Chinchilla Wall Art

For people who enjoy chinchillas and art, this fun painting is a great choice. It is a frameless piece of wall art depicting an adorable chinchilla in a bowler hat enjoying a glass of beer against a background of pastel colors.

4. CafePress Chinchilla Parent Mug

What better way for a chinchilla lover to start the day than with a hot drink in a mug declaring they are the proud parent of a chinchilla? This budget-friendly gift has a simple drawing of a chinchilla on a white background and is available with the inside of the mug in either black or white.

5. I Love Chinchillas Wallet

Opting for a practical gift means that the recipient will get plenty of use out of the present. A wallet is an item that most people find useful and it is something that both men and women can use. This funky wallet has the phrase ‘I LOVE CHINCHILLAS’ written in bright, multi-colored letters. It is made from polyester, so it is suitable for vegan animal lovers.

6. AngelGift Chinchilla Soft Toy

If you are buying for a child who owns or loves chinchillas, then this cuddly chinchilla soft toy is a fantastic option. This 12-inch soft toy is available in either black and white or gray and is sure to bring a smile to any child’s face.

7. Lomonosov Porcelain Figurine Gray Sweet Chinchilla

This hand-painted, porcelain figurine of a chinchilla is perfect if the recipient has lots of ornaments and collectibles in their home. It is made at the Russian Lomonosov Porcelain Factory and will look great as an accessory in any room.

8. Pet Chinchillas: The Complete Care Guide

If the recipient of the gift has only recently become a chinchilla owner, then a book about caring for these animals is a very useful gift. Written by Heather Land, this book offers guidance for every aspect of caring for chinchillas.

9. IvyByDesign Personalized Chinchilla Necklace

Available in silver, gold, or rose gold, you can have this chinchilla necklace personalized for the person receiving the gift. You can add their name just below the cut-out heart shape on the chinchilla pendant. There are different chain lengths and pendant sizes to choose between, so you can select a necklace that is appropriate for the person receiving the gift.

10. Chinchilla 30-Page Notebook

If you have a limited budget for buying a present or you are just looking for a stocking-filler, then this chinchilla notebook is a good solution. It is just the right size for someone to carry around in their handbag or to keep by the telephone for making notes. The front has a chinchilla design that was created by the popular artists Louise Ford.

11. NickerStickers Chinchilla Mom- Chinchilla Vinyl Window Decal Sticker

Another option for those looking for a chinchilla gift for under $10 is this fun car or window sticker. It has a simple white design of a chinchilla above the words ‘Chinchilla Mom’. This is an exclusive design created by NickerStickers that is easy to apply and does not crack or peel.

12. Chinchilla Art Journal Coloring Book

Adult coloring becomes have become all the rage. This adult coloring book has 131 pages of intricate chinchilla designs for hours of coloring fun. Therefore, it is an amazing gift for chinchilla lovers with a creative streak and it is also a budget-friendly gift option.

13. Chinchilla Warning Sign

If you want a humorous gift that will make the chinchilla lover smile, then consider buying this chinchilla warning sign. This will also make any visitors to their home giggle. The sign says ‘WARNING: This property is protected by a highly trained chinchilla. Not responsible for any injury or possible death’.

14. Pewter Chinchilla Earrings by The Magic Zoo

For a female chinchilla lover, these pewter chinchilla earrings are a lovely gift to receive. These earrings are handcrafted and beautifully designed by jewelry artist Merry Rosenfeld. They are cast in the USA using lead-free fine pewter.

15. Graphics and More Cute Chinchilla Round Cufflinks

A good alternative to earrings for male chinchilla lovers is a pair of smart yet fun cufflinks. These gold-colored cufflinks by Graphics and more feature a pastel-colored disk with a cute picture of a chinchilla with a resin top. These novelty cufflinks have a one-inch diameter.

Bottom Line

If you have a friend or family member who is a chinchilla lover, then products featuring these animals can make great gifts that the recipient will truly appreciate. There is a huge choice of chinchilla themed-gifts available to suit all ages and these products are just some of the best,

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