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Gifts For Hamster Owners or Lovers?

gifts for hamster owners and lovers

If you have a friend, loved one, or family member that is a hamster owner or lover, then buying them a gift with a hamster theme is a great idea. It means you are buying them something that they will appreciate as it relates to their interests in life. There are many fantastic hamster gifts available and while some serve a practical purpose, others are simply fun novelty items. If you are buying a gift for a hamster lover, you should consider some of the following as these are some of the best hamster-themed gifts available on the market now.

1. My Soulmate is a Hamster’ T-Shirt

Available in a range of sizes, this fun T-shirt is suitable for both men and women of all ages. There is a choice of black, navy, or cranberry. It features a simple picture of a hamster with the slogan ‘My Soulmate Is a Hamster’. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and is machine-washable.

2. Designify Husband Dog Tag

This funny dog tag-style necklace is a novelty gift for male hamster lovers. The aluminum dog tag says ‘I love my wife more than my hamster…. yes, she bought me this’. Its masculine design was inspired by the military. This affordable dog tag comes with a silver-colored beaded chain. Not only does this gift look smart, but it will also raise a laugh.

3. Pewter Large Hamster Earrings by The Magic Zoo

If you are buying a gift for a woman who loves hamsters, this pretty pair of earrings is a good choice. Artist Merry Rosenfield is the designer of these beautiful earrings, which are made from lead-free fine pewter with ear wires made from surgical steel. Each pair of earrings is handcrafted, so this is a thoughtful and attractive gift.

4. Pewter Hamster Necklace by The Magic Zoo

A further jewelry option is this stunning hamster pendant necklace, which is designed by artist Merry Rosenfield and is handcrafted. It is suitable for both men and women. The pendant is made from lead-free pewter and there are also two glass beads, all of which are strung on an 18-inch cord.

5. Mini Hamster Keyring

If you want a token gesture or a stocking filler that is low in cost, this mini hamster keyring is one of the best gifts for hamster lovers under $10. The keyring is a zinc alloy and features a cute little hamster made from faux rabbit fur. This gift is perfect as either a keyring or as a handbag trinket.

6. Okayest Hamster Mom Ever’ iPhone Case

For female hamster lovers, this iPhone case lets them declare their passion for hamsters to the world. This smart black case features the words ‘Okayest Hamster Mom Ever’ in bold white lettering. It has a soft lip design that protects the display from damage if it is put face down and is made from a slim shock-absorbent TPU gel, which is a type of flexible rubber. It is suitable for iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8.

7. CafePress Hamster Hugger Natural Canvas Tote Bag

A practical choice is this canvas tote bag with the words ‘Hamster Hugger’ in bold green letters. It is made from natural materials and has strong, reinforced handles, so it is ideal for carrying heavy shopping. This is an easy-care item as it is machine-washable and tumble drier-safe.

8. Hamsters Make Me Happy, You Not So Much’ Funny Socks

Socks always make a great stocking filler and these hamster-themed socks are the ideal gift for hamster owners. They come in various sizes and are made from high-quality materials. They are predominantly black with a printed design of a cute, cartoon-style hamster with the wording ‘Hamsters make me happy, you not so much’.

9. Funny Hamster Mug

This fun mug has a cartoon picture of a hamster above the words ‘World’s Best Hamster Mom’. There is also a Dad version of this product, so you can buy this practical but fun item for either a man or a woman. The mug is made from white ceramic that is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe.

10. Electronic Mimicry Talking Hamster Toy

A talking hamster toy is a fun gift for a child hamster owner and will also appeal as a novelty item to many adult hamster lovers. Chippy the hamster repeats back to you whatever you say to it in a funny voice. It is made in the style of a Russian hamster with gray and white markings. The outer of the toy is made from PP cotton materials.

11. Hamster Cosmetic Bag

Another gift you could consider giving to a female hamster lover is a cosmetics bag featuring a cute photograph of hamsters. This cosmetic bag has one golden and one gray hamster and both are wearing comical hats and sitting on a hammock. This bag is also useful for keeping many other small items.

12. Michael Creese Premium Thick-Wrap Canvas Wall Art ‘Hamster’

An ideal for art lovers is this fantastic canvas print of a hamster oil painting by artist Michael Creese. The canvas measures 16 x 16 inches and the painting isof a golden hamster stood on its hind legs. It is a perfect gift for hamster lovers for any occasion but is especially suitable as a housewarming gift.

13. Hamster Mom’ Cushion Cover

Another interesting gift for the house is this fun but stylish cushion cover. This white satin pillow has a modern style, with the words ‘Hamster Mom’ above tiny hamster paw prints. The image is on one side only and the pillow is machine washable.

14. Hamster Coloring Book for Adults and Grown Ups

If you know a hamster lover who has a creative streak, this adult coloring book is a great choice. Adult coloring books are all the rage now as many adults find coloring relaxing and therapeutic. This coloring book will give the recipient hours of fun as there are80 Grayscale images of hamsters to color.

15. Hamster Care: The Essential Guide to Ownership, Care & Training for Your Pet

For those who are first-time hamster owners, a book about caring for a hamster is a very useful gift to receive. This book by Kate H. Pellham describes every aspect of hamster care from feeding to training, so the reader can learn how to become a responsible hamster owner.

Bottom Line

If you have a friend, family member, or loved one who is a hamster owner or lover, a hamster-themed gift is a great idea to celebrate a special occasion. There is plenty of choice for such gifts and some serve a practical purpose while others are just novelty items. It is important to think about the recipient’s other interests and their lifestyle when choosing the perfect gift for hamster lovers.

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