Gerbils vs. Rats

When deciding which pet you should welcome into your home, it is important to make the right decision for the benefit of both you and the pet you choose. If you opt for an animal that you like and fits in with your lifestyle, pet ownership is an enjoyable experience. Therefore, it is essential to …

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Can Gerbils Swim

Can Gerbils Swim?

If you are a gerbil owner, you may have wondered what abilities a gerbil has. They are clearly good at burrowing as this is a natural instinct and they are fast on their feet, which is another skill. One activity you may have wondered about is swimming. So, can gerbils swim or not? Can Gerbils …

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Are Gerbils Nocturnal?

Are Gerbils Nocturnal?

Some animals spend their days awake and sleep during the night and others sleep during daylight and are most active at night time. The sleeping patterns of animals depend on many factors, including whether they are a predator or prey, their dietary needs, and the climate in which they live. If you own a gerbil …

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