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Do Gerbils Smell?

Do Gerbils Smell?

Do Gerbils Smell?One of the biggest concerns for many people when thinking of getting a pet is the smell. There are many animals that are associated with specific aromas that some people do not find pleasant. Many people do not want their homes to smell of animals, and this deters them from getting a pet. While some animals have a strong aroma, others have hardly any smell at all. If you want a pet that has a low-odor, is a gerbil a good option?

Do Gerbils Smell?

Of all the small animals that you could keep as a pet, gerbils are probably the ones with the least odor. As these are not smelly animals, they are ideal for people with a sensitive sense of smell who do not want animal smells in their home.

Is the Rumor That Rodents Smell True?

The rumor that some rodents smell is true, but this does not apply to all rodents as some have a stronger odor than others. However, if you clean out your rodent’s cage regularly, the smell is unlikely to linger around your home.

What Causes Rodents to Smell?

There are several factors that impact on how strong the smell of an odor is and one of these is its natural body scent. Like humans, rodents have glands that secrete odors. These scents are important to rodents as they use their scents as a form of communication and recognition. They can identify members of their group through their smell and use their scent glands to mark their territory.

The second reason why rodents smell is because of their waste products. When rodents urinate and defecate, it creates an odor. How strong this smell is will depend on the type of rodent and their diet. You can minimize this smell by removing soiled bedding daily, changing all the bedding every week, and thoroughly cleaning your rodent’s habitat monthly.

Gerbils Are Rodents, So Why Don’t They Smell?

Of all the rodents you can keep as a pet, gerbils have the least smell. As part of the process of evolution, gerbils have developed their kidneys to cope with the harsh environments where they live in the wild. They have an efficient digestive system that retains as much as possible of the food and drink they consume. This means they produce very little waste. Therefore, a gerbil’s habitat was very little aroma and will not make your home smell.

Bottom Line

Although some rodents do smell, you can minimize this by cleaning out their habitat regularly. If animal smells are something that bothers you, then gerbils are a good choice of pet as these have the least odor of all the pet rodents. In fact, they are almost completely odorless as they are clean animals and produce very little waste.

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