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Do Chinchillas Make Good Pets?

Do Chinchillas Make Good Pets?

Not everyone enjoys the same types of pets. While some people love horses and the outdoors lifestyle that keeping these majestic brings, other love to relax watching their beautiful tropical fish swimming gracefully around in their tank. When deciding if a pet is that right type to suit your needs and interests, it is important to weigh up the pros and cons of your chosen animal before you commit to welcoming them into your home. If you are considering getting a chinchilla for the first time, you need to think carefully about whether this pet is suited to you and your lifestyle.

What Makes Chinchillas Good Pets?

Chinchillas are usually fantastic pets as they have many appealing features. Just some of the reasons that chinchillas are a good choice include:

  • They are cute- The visual appeal of chinchillas is one of the reasons why people choose to keep them as pets. They have adorable facial features and their fur is amazing.
  • Low feeding costs- Although chinchillas are more expensive to buy than many other rodents and small pets, the cost of keeping them is relatively low after you have covered the outlay of the equipment you need.
  • Entertaining to watch- Watching how chinchillas play and interact is fascinating. It is in their personalities to act playfully and they are known as hyperactive creatures. They are a constant source of entertainment for their owners.
  • Companionship- Once a chinchilla has bonded with their owner; they will enjoy the attention of being handled, so they are good for people who want to interact with their pets.

How Do You Know If Chinchillas Are Good Pets for You?

When deciding if chinchillas are the right pets for you, it is important that you carefully consider the following factors:


Chinchillas need a large cage and this takes up space. Before buying a chinchilla, you should think about the space available in your home. If you get two or more chinchillas and they fight, you may need to separate them into different cages and this will take up even more space.


Chinchillas need more specialist care than many other rodents and small animals, so they are better suited to people who have experience of caring for small animals.


Chinchillas need feeding daily and their cage needs cleaning out regularly. They also need interaction and trips to the vets to check their health and teeth. You should decide if you are willing to make this commitment before buying a chinchilla.

Family life

Chinchillas are not necessarily well-suited to houses with young children for two reasons. The first is that chinchillas are easily stressed by loud noises and rough handling. Children are more likely to handle a chinchilla roughly and to frighten it by crying or making unexpected loud noises. The second reason that chinchillas are not well-suited to families with young children is that they sometimes bite. Toddlers and small children are prone to poking their fingers into thins. If they poke their finger inside the cage and it startles the chinchilla, there is the possibility that the chinchilla will sink its teeth into their finger.

Bottom Line

Chinchillas are potentially an amazing pet and they have many appealing features. However, they are not well-suited to everyone and you must carefully consider both the pros and the cons before you commit to becoming a chinchilla owner.

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