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Are Gerbils Nocturnal?

Are Gerbils Nocturnal?

Are Gerbils Nocturnal?Some animals spend their days awake and sleep during the night and others sleep during daylight and are most active at night time. The sleeping patterns of animals depend on many factors, including whether they are a predator or prey, their dietary needs, and the climate in which they live. If you own a gerbil or you are thinking about getting this animal as a pet, you should understand their times of activity and their sleeping patterns.

Are Gerbils Nocturnal?

Some species of gerbil are nocturnal while others are better described as being crepuscular. This means they have periods of activity during the day but become most active at twilight. There are some However, most species of gerbils in the wild are diurnal, which means they sleep at night and are at their most active in the day.

When Do They Sleep and When Are They Most Active?

The Mongolian gerbil is the most common variety of gerbil that is kept as a pet. Naturally, these are nocturnal animals. This means that they spend most of the day sleeping and they are most active at night.

How Do They Live in the Wild?

In the wild, the activity and sleeping patterns of the different breeds of gerbils vary greatly. These patterns depend on many other factors. For example, some need to avoid predators during the day, so they do not come out of their burrows until twilight or night time for personal safety. Others adapt their sleeping habits to the climate and stay inside their burrows during the hottest and coldest times of the day.

Does Captivity Change Their Habits and Can You Change a Gerbil’s Sleeping Pattern?

Some gerbils will naturally change their sleeping and activity patterns in captivity. They are sociable creatures that enjoy interacting with their owners. Therefore, they may adapt their activity patterns to coordinate with their owners as they enjoy the attention that their owner gives to them.

If your gerbil is nocturnal and you want to change its sleeping pattern, it is possible, but it is something you should do gradually. The easiest way is to use food as a resource. If a gerbil is sleeping, it will respond to the smell of food and wake up. Start introducing food a little earlier each day and your gerbil will start to wake earlier.

Final Verdict

While some gerbils are nocturnal, others are crepuscular or diurnal. Usually, domestic gerbils are nocturnal, but this is not always the case. Some gerbils will naturally change their activity and sleeping patterns in captivity. If they don’t it is possible to change these patterns using food to alter the time your gerbil wakes.

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